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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Each year, Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles compiles a Traffic Crash Statistics Report. The most recent report was issued in June 2010 and it also records the 2009 Traffic Crash Statistics. Although the statistics decreased through the previous year, the final results are still astounding:

  • There were 2,563 crash fatalities
  • Over 1,500 of such fatalities are passengers in a vehicle.
  • Speeding would have been a factor in approximately 1,022 fatal crashes!!
  • Alcohol would be a factor in 1,004 fatal crashes!!
  • As a direct result of auto accident crash deaths, the medical and work loss costs inside state of Florida total $3.16 billion!! 
  • You or perhaps a loved one is quite likely to be associated with at least one car crashes during your lifetime.

These unfortunate statistics are made every day. Sometimes these auto accidents are caused by the negligence from the other driver, causing you to be as the victim. In addition to the emotional shock that vehicle accidents cause, auto accidents can also result in major injuries, like a traumatic brain injury or TBI, and even death. Injuries from an vechicle accident can be devastating producing physical pain and suffering and will have a long-term financial impact. If the accident triggered a death, family members in the deceased may like to file a medical negligence lawsuit for getting compensation for loss, grief and pain. In an unfortunate situation such as this one a knowledgeable Orlando car wreck attorney from NeJame Law can assist.

The following factors might be considered negligence in an car crashes:

  • The Driving Speed: A person driving either too fast or not fast enough may cause a mishap.
  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Failure to look at traffic ordinances like stop signs, red traffic lights and also other traffic signs
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • Failure to make use of headlights
  • Text messaging or talking on the cell phone
  • Safe Driving Tips

With all in the traffic and tourists in Orlando, Florida, wanting to avoid auto accidents might be difficult. Practicing safe driving can greatly reduce chances of being included in an car accident. Below are some safe driving tips that each driver should know:

  • Always be alert! avoid driving when tired and keep from dozing off with the wheel and losing power over your vehicle
  • Maintain your focus, NO CELL PHONES people who talk on cellular phones while driving are 4x more likely to have a major accident
  • Be mindful of severe weather conditions! Florida is recognized for its unpredictable weather. Sudden weather changes potentially have of making driving conditions very different
  • Avoid driving in heavy storms and stay cautious of high winds.  If you should drive, lessen your speed.
  • Drive slow in foggy weather, keep lights on low beam and become wary of vehicles and pedestrians that you might not be able to view.
  • Always takes place turn signals
  • Avoid tailgating  In the event that a vehicle has to stop suddenly, driving too closely behind an automobile can result in a tail collision
  • Try to never cut looking at vehicles cutting facing vehicles may cause serious and quite often fatal vehicle accidents.
  • Avoid driving intoxicated of drugs or alcohol alcohol impairs one’s chance to make moment decisions which enable it to negatively affect one’s chance to judge distances when driving
  • Be mindful of other cars for the road while you could possibly be practicing safe driving, other drivers may well not.  It is vital that you remember you are not the sole car about the road!
  • Unfortunately, perhaps the safest drivers might discover themselves linked to an car crashes. If that driver is that you simply, or perhaps a loved one, Help is Here!!! Contact our Orlando motor vehicle accident lawyers for any no-cost evaluation of one's case.